Beauty Angel Light Therapy

Special Offer

We have tailored this delicious treatment as, among other elements, includes shoulder-neck and face massage as well as Collagen Light Therapy, which is a natural and effective way to get beautiful skin, while the light promotes the release of endorphins, so you leave the clinic in better mood and with an increased energy level. Learn more about Light therapy further down in this page.

SPECIAL OFFER – Winter Facial for DKK 725 (value of DKK 915)
The treatment lasts approximately 50 minutes and is tailored to your and your skin’s needs and includes: skin cleansing, skin analysis, peeling, active serum, shoulders – neck – face massage, moisture mask, light therapy, final cream care, advice on home skin care.

What is Light Therapy? Collagen Light Therapy has a clinically documented effect and is both a safe and comfortable treatment that is suitable for all skin types. The light works in the deep layers of the skin and ensures that the connective tissue cells “fibroblasts” as well as keratinocytes and immune cells are activated.


Benefits af Light Therapy:
– Stimulates collagen, elastin and hyaluronic production in the skin and thereby tightens the skin
– Gives glow and balance to the skin
– Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
– Accelerates healing of the skin
– Reduces impure skin and acne
– Reduces redness and inflammation and soothes the skin
– Balances and oxygenates the skin so that the cells are optimally nourished
– Releases endorphins

N.B.! This offer can not be combined with other discounts and offers.