Pro Dermaplaning

In this treatment, we use a sterile scalpel to remove dead skin cells and small vellus hair  on the face, so that the skin appears smooth, even and with a porcelain finish. The treatment is ideal for you who want to work on an even structure, more glow and better product penetration, remedy dull/sad and dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles.

Pro Dermaplaning Facial Treatment DKK 857,-

The treatment lasts 60 minutes and includes:
– Double cleanse
– Skin analysis
– Pro Restore Serum
– Dermaplaning
– Exfoliation (adapted to your skin’s tolerance)
– Light Therapy to intensify treatment
– Final cream care
– Guidance on home skin care


N.B. Avoid using AHA and retinol for 5 days up to the treatment.
The treatment should not be seen as an alternative to a waxing. Pro Dermaplaning does not remove stubborn hairs/thick hairs.

N.B. This treatment is not performed if you have: cancer, uncontrolled diabetes, are on blood-thinning medication, have sunburned or have severe redness due to cold wind, have open skin lesions, cold sores in the umbilical cord, inflamed acne, have received accutane/isotretionide within the last 6 months.