pHformula products in Copenhagen – The healthy beauty

Get guidance on the different pHformula product ranges at Face Up Skincare. The products are a unique combination of cosmetic and pharmaceutical care, so you will get a natural treatment that promotes your skin’s own strength and health. The products are based on the principles of “regenerative medicine”, where your skin’s inactive cells are replaced by new ones, stimulating your skin to regenerate itself.

You are always welcome to visit Face Up Skincare, where we have a wide range of pHformula products in our clinic in Copenhagen K. Our beauticians will advise you based on your specific needs, so you get a range of products that are beneficial for your skin. pHformula’s products activate your skin, so you will experience a more natural facial glow that rejuvenates your skin. In addition, the unique composition of acids, vitamins and antioxidants has a healing effect on various skin problems.

You can contact Face Up Skincare on +45 20 835 834 if you want to make an appointment for a consultation or anything else. You can also read more about our facial treatments with pHformula products on this page.

Sustainable and active skin – pHformula products

pHformula products are effective against a number of common skin problems. The product range is not a cosmetic surface treatment, but a method that activates your skin for its own sustainability and self-maintenance. pHformula’s products can help you, among other things, if you experience problems with:

– Incipient lines and wrinkles
– Problems with dry skin
– Sun damage
– Redness
– Spider veins
– Inflammation

When your skin cells are reactivated, your skin will have a more youthful glow. Changes happen at a cellular level, giving you a natural glow and beauty.

If you’re looking for pHformula products in Copenhagen, we recommend stopping by our clinic. We’ll give you advice and guidance to ensure you get the right amount of treatment that benefits your skin and your specific needs. You are also welcome to visit our clinic and we will guide you to the best care for your skin. See our prices on this page.