Beauty Angel Light Therapy

Beauty Angel Collagen Light Therapy

What is Beauty Angel Collagen Light Therapy?

The Beauty Angel Light is a natural and effective way to get beautiful skin. With a clinically proven effect, it is both a safe and pleasant treatment.

The Beauty Angel Light works in all skin layers, including the deepest, and precisely for this reason the light ensures that the key functions for fresh and healthy skin are present. It is vital to have an optimal function of certain skin cells – the so-called “fibroblasts”. The fibroblasts (connective tissue cells) are attracted and activated by Beauty Angel Light – so you rejuvenate and improve your skin with your own help. They provide the skin with collagen, elastin and hyaluron. Cell activity decreases with age, resulting in less moisture, reduction of elasticity and ultimately in the formation of wrinkles. The Beauty Angel Light is able to reactivate cell activity.

Beauty Angel Light Therapy is perfect as an Add-on with almost all our facial treatments. Add-on price is 250 DKK.

Benefits of Beauty Angel Collagen Light Therapy:

– Stimulates your collagen, elastin and hyaluronic production
– Gives a radiant glow and a smooth and well-groomed skin
– Reduces fine lines and wrinkles Softens and smoothes your skin
– Reduces dark circles and puffiness under the eyes
– Tightens the skin and gives a more youthful look
– Reduces impure skin and acne
– Provides a warm and relaxing treatment
– Reduces pigment spots and age spots
– Reduces stretch marks and scar tissue
– Releases endorphins Is an energizing and mood-friendly treatment
– Reduces redness and inflammation and soothes the skin
– Balances and oxygenates the skin so that the cells are optimally nourished

N.B. We recommend a course of treatment with Beauty Angel Light, as continuous treatment achieves the greatest result (Maximum effect at 12th treatment).